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American Corners

On March 24 and March 30, 2004 "American Corners" were opened in Narva Central Library and Viljandi Town Library. On April 13, 2005, an additional American Corner was opened at the Saare County Central Library in Kuressaare. This project represents an investment of over 300,000 EEK in each library, and months of close cooperation between the library staff and the U.S. Embassy's Information Resource Center.

Each American Corner has acquired a collection of approximately 500 new reference, fiction, and non-fiction books that span the broad range of U.S. culture and history. Furthermore, each Corner is gaining new subscriptions to U.S. periodicals, as well as a collection of videotapes and CD-ROM's. The Embassy holds occasional speaking events at these Corners as well.

On January 25, 2011 the fourth American Corner in Estonia was launched. This American Corner in shares space with the 20+ year old EducationUSA Advising Center at the Tartu University Library. The American Corner in Tartu was fully funded by a PA grant, including materials for educators and academia, as well as high school and university students, hence expanding the target audience of the American Corner and EducationUSA center.

American Space at Tallinn Tech is the newest American cultural and information center located at the Mektory building of the Tallinn University of Technology since 2013. The American Space at Tallinn University of Technology is a place for the public, students, and university staff members interested in American studies and issues related to the United States.  It is the place to be during the daytime if you want to read, quietly study, or use extensive databases. In the evening it is the perfect spot to enjoy diverse programming, including lectures, seminars and film screenings.


American Corner
Narva Central Library
Malmi 8
20308 Narva
Phone: 359 1993
Web site:

American Corner
Viljandi City Library
Tallinna mnt. 11/1
71012 Viljandi
AC Coordinator: Elle Sihver
Phone: 43 38682
Web site:

American Corner
Saare County Central Library
Tallinna 6
93813 Kuressaare
AC Coordinator: Katrin Sepp
Phone: 45 20 727
Web site:

Educational Advising Center/American Corner in Tartu
Tartu University Library
Struve 1-355
50091 Tartu
AC Coordinator: Katre Kõiv
Phone: 737-5714;
Fax: 737-5719

American Space at Tallinn Tech
MEKTORY building Raja 15,
Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 620 3543
Fax: +372 620 3546