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Recognizing the Value of Teachers

October 1, 2010
Teachers' Day Poster from

Teachers' Day Poster from

Students, parents and teachers from across Estonia today are commemorating Teachers' Day, to demonstrate their appreciation for the invaluable contributions of teachers in the development of the next generation of this country's thinkers, innovators and leaders. Traditionally, younger students may bring flowers or small gifts to their teachers, while older students may reverse roles with their teachers and teach their classmates, understanding for once just how challenging it is to lead a class.  From the very first grades of primary school to high schools, from vocational institutes to universities and beyond, the influence and impact of good teachers and quality education cannot be understated.

UNESCO and countries around the world will recognize World Teachers' Day next week on October 5th, but the contributions of teachers is something that may be observed throughout the year.  As President Obama mentioned, commenting on the even greater importance of teachers in our current environment, "in a global economy where the greatest job qualification isn't what you can do but what you know, our teachers are the key to our nation's success."