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The U.S. And its Allies Supporting the Syrian People

February 27, 2012
Secretary Clinton in Tunis. (AP Photo)

Secretary Clinton in Tunis. (AP Photo)

The United States and its allies around the world remain staunchly behind the Syrian people as they struggle to obtain their basic human freedoms.  During a February meeting of the Friends of the Syrian People, Secretary Clinton made clear where America stands, as she announced that the U.S. has pledged $10 million to jumpstart rapid humanitarian  relief efforts in Syria.  These funds will go to lessen the suffering of the displaced and to provide them with water, food, blankets, heaters, and other essentials; they will also help support makeshift medical facilities, and help train emergency medical staff.  The U.S. has coordinated with humanitarian organizations in the area that are prepared to facilitate this aid the moment that the Assad regime will allow them safe passage.  The longer the Syrian regime denies this aid to its own people and continues to prey upon its unarmed citizenry, the more blood it will have on its hands.  Likewise, those nations that continue to thwart the international community’s desire to ease the suffering of the Syrian people must ask themselves what is the human cost of their stance.  The U.S remains convinced that change will come to Syria and its people will enjoy the transition to a free, enfranchised, and peaceful life.