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Supporting the Syrian People

February 1, 2012
AP Photo

AP Photo

As the United States and our allies around world collectively work for an immediate and peaceful resolution to the ongoing brutal repression in Syria, Secretary of State Clinton made it clear during her statements before the United Nations Security Council on January 31 that the nations of the world face a choice: they can support the people of Syria as they struggle to obtain thei rights, or they can stand on the side lines and share in the responsibility for the ongoing murder and chaos in that nation.  The Secretary was clear that the continuing state repression that has seen thousands of civilians murdered in the streets and the killing of women and children is unacceptable.  She was also clear regarding the inevitable direction that events will take, stating “We all know that change is coming to Syria. The question is how many more innocent civilians will die before Assad bows to the inevitable, and how unstable a country he will leave behind.”  She called on the world body to set aside its differences and to join the United States in its stand—a stand in support of the Syrian people, in union with the Arab League, and against tyranny.  The alternative, as the Secretary made clear, is to abandon the Syrian people and lessen the credibility of the Security Council.